Trend Alert: Summer Beer Flavors

With summer in full swing many consumers are looking to refresh their palates and coolers with a new lineup of warm weather-inspired beers. From vibrant fruit flavors to fresh botanicals, these exciting new brews provide beer lovers with news flavors and much needed refreshment. Join us as we at Advanced Biotech take a look at natural summer flavors and their potential food pairings that are enhancing barbecues and picnics everywhere.



                Synonymous with summer, orange is a juicy and vibrant fruit that lends itself well to warm-weather brews. Orange puree and peel are often added to naturally enhance the flavor and give it an extra kick of sunny flavor. Beers with bright citrus notes naturally enhance foods that feature citrus. Pair this unique, soft bodied beer with fruit salad, seafood, or dishes that a citrus fruit would be squeezed over such as grilled fish or chicken. Blood orange has also risen in popularity, and is often used in light beers such as IPAs where its strong citrus aroma and flavor make it a crowd-pleaser on hot days.



                Light, crisp, and endlessly hydrating watermelon is a summertime favorite loved for its naturally sweet flavor and fragrance. Giving a delightful pink hue to light beers like lagers and IPAs, watermelon is a popular choice for craft beers and even homemade fruit-infused beer recipes. These perfectly balanced wheat beers pair well with heavier foods like hamburgers, tacos, and mayonnaise-based salads like potato or macaroni salad where this light, sweet beer cuts through rich and greasy mouthfeels.



                Contrary to popular belief, dark beers can work for warm weather! Murky brews infused with warm, fatty coconut pair well with smoky, grilled burgers, blackened catfish, rich, saucy barbecue, and even s’mores! The tropical, sweet tones of coconut balance out many food and beer pairings and bring a taste of the islands to backyards and rooftop get-togethers everywhere.



Whether relaxing on the beach, enjoying a picnic in the park, or manning the grill at a backyard bash, beers infused with summery flavors are sure to enhance any warm weather experience. Natural fruit flavors pair surprisingly well with any summertime fare and create a festive and exciting tasting experience.