Trend Watch: Functional Ingredients

There’s no doubt wellness have been on the top of everyone’s minds lately, and many are looking for holistic ways to enhance every aspect of their lives in order to maximize their health. Consumers are looking for food products with functional, natural ingredients like molasses and garlic and fortified with vitamins and minerals that taste great and can improve health on a long-term basis. Today, we at Advanced Biotech are taking a look at natural ingredients consumers are gravitating towards for their functionality and health benefits.



            One of the most common types of functional ingredients are proteins. Found in meat, eggs, and dairy, consumers are often most familiar with these foods and are most willing to accept the addition of added protein into food products. A protein-rich diet can help to manage or even prevent chronic diseases, address obesity issues, build muscle, and minimize muscle loss. Protein is also a popular choice because it is believed to keep stomachs fuller for longer, warding off hunger pangs that can sometimes lead to mindless snacking, as many are looking to improve their diets in time for spring and summer. Plant-based proteins such as tofu, beans, and even vegetables are also popular among health-conscious consumers and those following vegan and vegetarian diets.  There has been a noticeable increase in protein-enriched products across the board as fortified nutrition and meal replacement bars, shakes, yogurt, and protein powders are surging in popularity.



            Products with probiotic claims are expected to grow significantly in number as consumers are becoming more aware of the link between gut health and overall wellness. Probiotics are naturally occurring components that are known to relieve digestive issues, boost the immune system, and contribute to the balance of healthy bacteria in the gut. Consumers looking for long-term digestive support are reaching for products with probiotic claims like kombucha, fermented foods, and yogurt. In recent times, breakfast cereal, juice, and even snacks for toddlers are being fortified with additional probiotic components in order to meet consumer demand.


Botanic Extracts

            Functional botanicals are in demand and attracting are significant attention from consumers because of the wide range of holistic health benefits they deliver. Products with botanic extracts claim a large range of properties including boosting energy and the immune system, improving the appearance of skin, increasing focus and memory, boosting testosterone levels and providing relaxation. Botanical extracts such as cranberry and turmeric are popular for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and are often touted as superfoods.


Food and beverage products with natural, functional ingredients will continue to proliferate as health-conscious consumers looking for holistic solutions will continue to dominate the market. Consumers looking for convenient products with added health benefits will look for products to suit their needs, and manufactures have a great opportunity to meet this demand.