Unique Bakery Pairings for the Adventurous Consumer

Today’s adventurous consumer is definitely experimenting with new foods and flavors. People are craving unusual pairings and fusions of flavors, foods, and forms. Bakers are responding to this demand by combining familiar ingredients and foods with the excitement of something different and new. From grilled cheese donuts to cruffins (a croissant-muffin fusion), these mashups are pushing the limits of creativity and flavor.


One of the hottest recent trends, these mashups are presenting a special opportunity for bakers and food companies to surprise and delight their customers with unexpected experiences.


Some of the key insights driving this trend include:


  • A growing sense of individualism. Modern consumers have a sense of nonconformity that comes from the ubiquity of technology as well as a more diverse population in most areas.
  • Mainstream media. Media coverage is fueling the discovery of new and different foods as a form of exploration and adventure – to the point that unique is the new normal.
  • Serious foodies love to experiment. These folks are most likely to experiment with new flavors in cookies, cakes, pastries, and other desserts.
  • Fusions of the savory and the sweet are taking new forms. This combination can now be found in exciting new applications that are springing up in cutting-edge bakeries and restaurants.


As people look for ways to reduce stress and anxiety with highly indulgent bakery items, these confections offer a momentary escape from reality. At the same time, health-conscious consumers look to balance taste with natural, nutritious ingredients in healthy indulgences. Both types of customers are interested in experiencing a personal connection with a company or brand.


When it comes to bakery trends, millennials are leading the way. This millions-strong group of consumers are early adapters who choose new culinary trends and are controlling changes in the bakery category as well as other food categories. Mini pastries, unexpected types of fresh bread, and irresistible seasonal pastries are at the forefront of what this group clamors now.


The possibilities are endless, whether you are a cold-brew latte bar, an ice-cream shop, or another type of food company. There’s never been a better time to get creative with sweet flavors and baked goods. It’s time to experiment with bakery flavors and create new products for an adventurous crowd.