Unique Uses for Delicious Citrus Flavor

Citrus Flavors are among the most popular in the world, and as you may already know, are some of the most popular flavors used in food and beverage products. Citrus Flavors are key in many different types of sodas, flavored waters, and of course, in helping to enhance the flavor of many different types of juice products. In foods, Citrus can be instrumental in bringing out the flavor of many different types of sauces, especially in certain types of ethnic cuisine.


But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room to do something a little bit different with Citrus Flavors. Rather than jump to some of the more exotic fruit flavors, flavorists can experiment with new and unique ways of using Citrus to create fresh new products that consumers will be sure to love.


For ages, many people have been serving their favorite beers with a wedge of lemon or orange in order to give it a sweet and flavorful kick. Now, with the advent of the craft brewing industry, there are many ways that brewers can add that delightful citrus flavor into their products. Flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Octanol and Natural Citrus Enhancer can be the perfect compliment to many different types of beer, so be sure to experiment with different flavors.


Maybe you’ve noticed some of the new varieties of salad dressing now available in the grocery store. Citrus has become a key ingredient in many of these new and unique types of salad dressings, as it combines well with many of these new flavors, including ginger, soy, and even pepper.


Citrus can also be used in virtually any type of flavor to give a food product a special kick, even if it isn’t the key ingredient. For example, citrus can be used to create a zestier apple pie, or it can be used to create basic vanilla ice cream with just a little bit of an edge. It can even be used to create a tomato sauce that offers a little bit more than the standard fare can provide. Check out these many different options for using Citrus Flavor and you will quickly see that there are even more uses for it than you ever imagined.