Unpacking Pulse Point Oils – Uses, Benefits, and Growing Demand

The personal fragrance sector has seen considerable transformations in recent years, including the emergence of androgynous scents and CBD-infused perfumes. A new development is taking shape: roller-ball perfume designed for your pulse points. The trend embodies the minimalist, all-natural approach in the cosmetics industry today.
What are Pulse Points?
Like traditional perfume, roller-ball scents work best when applied to the pulse points. These are locations on the body where blood circulates closest to the skin’s surface. The wrists, temples, sides of the neck, inner elbows, and backs of the knees are all pulse points. These spots tend to be warmer than other body parts, which helps to diffuse a perfume’s scent.
Pulse Point Oils and Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy is about inhaling scent molecules to trigger an emotional response from the brain. Smell is one of our most potent senses, and fragrances can invoke memories and affect our behavior significantly. Using essential oils or roller-ball perfumes on your pulse points heightens their scent and makes them easier to detect.
Many people enjoy smelling pulse point oils to manage their mood throughout the day, for example, applying soothing lavender oil to the wrists to inhale when anxious. Essential oils are renowned in the holistic health community as an alternative medicine for many ailments.
They also penetrate the skin and rapidly enter the bloodstream—another way to experience their holistic benefits. Applying essential oils to the pulse points helps the body absorb them faster.
Using Pulse Point Oils Instead of Perfume
Even consumers with no interest in aromatherapy or holistic health can enjoy pulse point oils. Their potent scent and easy application make them an attractive alternative to traditional spray perfumes.
Some designer brands, including Chanel, Dior, and Yves Saint Laurent, have even released roller-ball versions of their best-selling fragrances. These are not to be confused with natural perfume oils, however. A true pulse point oil contains only essential and carrier oils—no additives, water or alcohol. These ingredients may reduce the wear time and dilute the scent of a roller-ball fragrance.
3 Benefits of Using Essential Oils Instead of Perfume

  1. Natural and non-toxic. Essential oils are made from plants. They’re pressed from the leaves, stems, or petals, filtered, and packaged – no preservatives, no additives. This oil is a far cry from the Trending – Perfume Ingredient Chemicals found in most traditional perfumes. Natural beauty lovers may prefer essential oil-based scents because of their inherent clean-label status.

  3. Longer lasting. Essential oils are highly concentrated and produce more potent scents than most perfumes. For this reason, they tend to last longer on the skin. Conversely, Eau de Parfum only contains 15 – 20% fragrance oil, while Eau de Toilette concentrations hover around 10%.

  5. Less wasteful. Because essential oil-based roller-balls last longer, you don’t have to replace them as much. This longevity helps perfume lovers reduce their fragrance consumption and subsequent carbon footprint. They’re also small and portable, making it easier to take your favorite scent with you instead of purchasing a new one when you travel.

Sourcing Premium Essential Oils for Pulse Point Rollers
Every discerning consumer knows how diverse and misleading the fragrance industry can be. Some products smell incredibly potent at first spritz, only to fade away within the next half-hour. Today, shoppers want quality ingredients that guarantee value for money.
The best way to make pulse point oils and roller-ball perfumes last longer is to use pure essential oils in high concentrations. Advanced Biotech’s range of premium plant oils and extracts is safe and effective for aromatherapy products, natural perfumes, and cosmetics. Please contact us for more information.