Vegan Chocolate

As more consumers experiment with plant-based diets, chocolate provides a healthy choice. Brands are focusing on vegan alternatives to dairy-based chocolates, and the results are delicious. Along with a health-conscious approach to indulging in chocolate, the treat is finding more audience appeal with its additional benefits.


Better for You


Companies branding the nutritional benefits of chocolate are increasing sales to parents with children. Fortifying chocolate with vitamins and minerals catch the eye of both parents and healthy adults. Consumers take note of chocolate containing live lactic acid bacteria that encourage healthy digestion. Having roasted chickpeas in the consumer’s chocolate adds more nutritional benefits, but it is the taste that keeps them buying.


Energy Boost


People are looking to chocolate as an energy-boosting treat. Companies are adding matcha to chocolate as an energy boost. Matcha is a powder formed from grinding whole green tea leaves, which may have as much as three times the amount of caffeine as an individual serving of tea. It also has a substance in it called 1-theanine that induces relaxation without drowsiness. Other ingredients that can be included in chocolate are whey protein that provides energy, or B-complex vitamins for extra strength.


Mood Stabilizer


Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that can boost your mood. Cocoa promotes the production of serotonin, a hormone in the brain responsible for happiness and wellbeing. It also aids in sleeping, eating, and digestion, which can calm the mood.



A Plethora of Good News


Consumers understand that chocolate is healthy. The cocoa bean can protect the heart, facilitate learning, and strengthen the body. Adding probiotics to chocolate can promote digestion as the probiotics contain millions of live cultures. Chocolate-covered beans offer a high magnesium and potassium content. With so many health benefits, today’s consumers are reaching for chocolate to enhance their diet. It’s no longer an indulgence.


New Flavors


More exotic flavors are available on the grocery shelves, like pink Himalayan salt or hot Siracha. One company is challenging consumers with new tastes. Ruby cocoa beans produce ruby chocolate with a pink color to them. It tastes like berry fruitiness and is known for its creamy smoothness. Hazelnuts and almonds continue to trend as well as unique flavors of cherry blossom or oolong tea.


Most consumers love chocolate, and now vegan chocolate offers them more than a healthy alternative to milk chocolate – it tastes delicious. Chocolate are now loaded with health benefits while it is still a sweet treat enjoyed by many.