Warm and Festive Holiday Drink Trends

When the weather outside is frightful, nothing is more delightful than getting cozy with a warm drink. It’s time to push the autumnal pumpkin spice latte aside and make room for more festival flavors. Seasonal favorites such as hot chocolate, eggnog, and peppermint have been popping up on menus and shelves, and manufacturers have been giving these classic staples fresh twists to keep consumers coming back for more holiday cheer. Advanced Biotech take a look at unique flavor updates to everyone’s favorite wintertime drinks.


Hot Chocolate

            Rich, creamy, and indulgent, hot chocolate is the perfect canvas for countless flavor makeovers. Tart and vibrant fruits such as passion fruit and orange balance out dark cocoa tones, while more subtle flavors like raspberry liven up white chocolate confections. And while peppermint is a classic addition to any mug, consumers looking for healthier options to sweeten their cocoa and tantalize their taste buds are reaching for natural and wholesome sweeteners like dried dates, agave, and vanilla. Those hoping to truly warm their bellies are experimenting with global spices such as cayenne, cardamom, and chai. The combinations are endless as consumers continue to seek out flavors that satisfy their taste buds and individual needs.



            Synonymous with the holiday season, eggnog is a luxurious combination of milk, cream, sugar, and egg whites. Typically enjoyed with traditional garnishes like cinnamon, eggnog is joining hot chocolate on the forefront of innovation as consumers demand new and exciting flavor combinations. Rum, brandy, and bourbon are modern updates that adults can enjoy, while more family-friendly flavors like coconut, caramel, and even chocolate are delighting young palates. The ongoing wellness trend has also brought about a wave of dairy-free eggnog, these environmentally-friendly drinks utilize everything from almond milk to oats and are spiced with interesting additions like ginger and clove for those looking for a wholesome indulgence with added health benefits.



            Often overlooked, wassail is perhaps the most traditional Christmas drink of all with its origins dating back to medieval times. A hot beverage of cider mulled with spices like cinnamon, clove, and anise, botanic essences like rosemary and thyme give this old English concoction new life. Fresh flavors like orange, ginger, and juniper add modern dimension and added festivity to wassail, while rum and brandy can be added for a drink that truly warms the soul.


Whether you’re a-wassailing with friends and family or curling up in front of the fireplace with a holiday movie, new twists on these classic favorites are sure to keep you warm all season long.