Why Sriracha has the Flavor World Buzzing

Sriracha flavored products have been all over the place lately. In fact, it’s getting pretty difficult to head into the snack food aisle of any grocery store without finding this hot new flavor packed onto store shelves. So what is it about sriracha that has the flavor world buzzing?


Sriracha is popular for a number of reasons. The flavor of this particular type of hot sauce blends super-spicy chilies with garlic, and is overall reminiscent of Asian hot sauces in general (such as those that can be found in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine). That alone has helped to give sriracha its leading edge in the flavor industry, as this particular style of Asian cuisine has been on the up and up for a few years now. However, though it’s inspired by Asian cuisine it’s also enough like traditional American style hot sauces that it’s easily recognizable, which has helped it to go mainstream in a big way.


What flavorists can learn about the ever-growing appeal of sriracha is just how appealing the mainstreaming of this type of flavor can be – and not only that, but it has given more flavorists the opportunity to experiment with spicy, chili flavors on snack food products ranging from popcorn to potato chips. With flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Garlic Oil, or Natural Furfuryl Propionate for spiciness, it’s easy to take inspiration from sriracha to begin creating new flavors that will be sure to sate buyers’ needs for spicy, delicious snack food products.