Wiggly, Jiggly Fun: Unique Flavored Gelatin Flavors

Flavored gelatin has been a classic dessert for years, and for the most part buyers can still purchase the gelatin flavors that were their favorites when they were kids without finding much different. However, many new varieties of gelatin flavor are also being made available, which can make for some fun and unique new dessert flavors, regardless of a buyer’s preferences.


Single fruit flavors and fruit mixes have always been the most popular when it comes to flavored gelatin. These can include cherry, which can be recreated through the use of flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Anisyl Acetone and Natural Acetophenone, as well as strawberry (with Natural Furanone), strawberry-banana, and mixed berry (with Natural Fermentone).


But that’s not all you can find in the flavored gelatin aisle these days. In the past few years, flavored gelatin has undergone a little bit of a revolution, and people are buying up these products to use in a number of unique ways. As such, many new flavors have been rolled out. One of the biggest trends falls in line with the flavor trend hitting many other areas of the dessert market – the creation of more complex flavors that replicate popular desserts and drinks.


From Pina Colada to delicious Margarita, there are a host of new flavors available, as well as plenty of room for the development of even more diverse flavors. Flavorists looking to create these kinds of products, whether packaged for individuals to make in their own homes or ready-made gelatin desserts, may want to look at the ways in which buyers are using these products.


From their use in creating alcoholic treats for parties and special events to their use in desserts, there are tons of ways that flavored gelatin can be a big hit. And considering the novelty nature of this dessert product, it’s no surprise that there’s plenty of room to create new variations of this favorite that people will be sure to love.