Wine and Beer Infused Meat and Fish Flavors

Predicting any trend can be a challenge, but the popularity of wine and beer flavors in the flavor industry can’t be overstated right now. These flavors are appearing in everything, in a lot of flavorful new ways that are making it pretty exciting to be a foodie. One of the biggest trends in the market concerning wine and beer is its use in the creation of meat and fish dishes, often in many unexpected ways.


One of the most popular ways of cooking fish is through steaming, so it’s no surprise that wine and beer flavors have made their way into this cooking process. Wine or beer can easily be used in place of water or broth (or in addition to various herbs and other ingredients) in order to create a much more complex, yet still delicate flavor. Likewise, beer can be used in the process of dehydrating meat or smoking it in order to create a more complex flavor.


Of course, wine and beer flavors still factor very strongly in the creation of various sauces and marinades for the flavor industry. Flavorists looking for an easy way to add wine notes to a product may consider the use of a Natural Flavor Ingredient, such as Natural Ethyl Pelargonate or Natural Ethyl Furanone. Both are available from Advanced Biotech’s line of great, all-natural flavor ingredients, which are derived through only the highest quality methods available to help flavorists create the best products possible (including meat and fish dishes) for their consumers.