Wine Trends to Watch in 2021

Consumer trends often reflect the current social climate and what society values at the time, and the world of wine is no exception. Though alcohol consumption has been steadily declining throughout the past year, wine still plays an important role society as many unwind with a glass at the end of a long day, connect with loved ones via virtual happy hours, and take up new artisan interests such as wine tasting. Throughout 2020, consumers’ thirst for authenticity, transparency, and a deeper understanding of the products they consume dictated industry trends. We believe that these trends will continue into the New Year, and explore what we think will be happening with wine in 2021.




                More than ever, consumers are concerned with the origins of the products they consume: Where did it come from? How was it harvested? Are there additives or chemicals? Natural wine is a recent industry trend that fits in well with an increasing need for natural, environmentally-friendly, and locally produced products. Natural wine is wine that is made from grapes that were not treated with chemicals or pesticides and has very little intervention during the fermentation process. When it comes to bottling the wine, producers typically avoid the tricks that more conventional winemakers would employ, such as adding sugar or acid to counterbalance under or overripe grapes. Health-conscious consumers flock to natural wines because they place an emphasis on organic production, environmental preservation, and rely on the natural of flavor of the grapes to create a socially responsible and delicious bottle.


Beyond Rose


                2021 may indeed bring about the end of the popular phrase “rose all day”. Consumers who have had their fill of this sweet, pink beverage are moving on to seek out new flavor profiles, and as the market becomes more saturated manufacturers are looking to differentiate themselves by creating products to differentiate themselves from the endless bottles of rose on shelves. We predict that variations of classic red and white wines will emerge as popular choices in 2021, as consumers will be drawn in by a return to the familiar and remain engaged by new twists on old favorites. Light, red wines with versatile flavor profiles and niche varieties of white wines will catch consumer attention with natural notes of citrus and stone fruits.




                Convenience will play a key factor in the way consumers purchase and drink wine in 2021. As many are juggling multiple responsibilities and are constantly on the go, we predict that wines featuring low-maintenance packaging will emerge as a popular choice. Aluminum cans weigh less than glass bottles, chill faster, are less fragile, and eliminate the need for separate glasses and the cleanup that comes with them. Biodegradable pouches and boxes will also continue to be popular in the New Year in both bulk and individual sizes.


2021 promises to be an interesting year and trends in wine are reflecting consumers’ increased awareness, interest in returning to familiar flavors, and demand for environmental responsibility and transparency.  Growers and manufactures will have to adapt to the current social climate in order to continue meeting the developing needs of consumers.