Unique and Healthy Yogurt Trends

The yogurt market is growing, and market innovators aren’t wasting time launching new products to fuel this growth. New flavors and unique twists on old favorites continue to increase awareness and create demand for an ever-increasing customer base.


Better-for-You Options


Most consumers became familiar with yogurt as a healthy breakfast option, and  as the market grows, so do the benefits of eating it. Consumers are looking for reduced sugar in most of their foods, and yogurt is no exception. Sweetening yogurt with honey, maple, or beets will pique consumers’ interest as they lower the overall sugar content and add more protein and fiber. Granola made with healthy grains like quinoa adds a crunch, and appeals to those looking for a boost of energy and added texture.




With more lactose intolerance among the general population, consumers are looking for more non-dairy alternatives. Yogurt made with a coconut base and flavored with rich fruits such as mango, strawberry, and raspberry are popular. One brand introduced its product as dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. What healthy consumer could resist?


Plant-Based Yogurt Alternatives


With consumers focusing their buying decisions on plant-based alternatives, the dairy market is following suit. Coconut milk, nuts, tapioca flour, and pea protein make up ingredients in new products. One plant-based yogurt uses live active probiotics with ingredients including cashew milk, pumpkin seeds, and brown rice. The natural flavors added to these rich and creamy yogurts include vanilla, cinnamon, mixed berries, and mango, and win consumers with their not-too-sweet taste. Hip brands gravitate to hip flavors with combinations such as mango hibiscus or fig and ginger.




Yogurt pouches for children provide convenience and a healthy alternative to traditional snacks. Companies are reducing the sugar by 50 percent and using low-fat milk to keep parents happy. Yogurt smoothies appeal to those who feel eating healthy may take too much time to prepare. Grabbing a high protein, low-calorie smoothie with natural flavors such as super berry, a blend of blueberries, raspberries, and pomegranate, will keep consumers healthy and happy.


Unique Combinations


Unique flavors will entice buyers and expand the market while not necessarily catering to healthy consumers. Adding bursting bubble beads, reminiscent of gusher candies, to yogurt will win many people over who love the unusual. And new candy mashups blend sweet, kid-friendly confections like Starbursts and Sour Patch Kids with yogurt to create a sugary treat.


With so many options in the yogurt, the market will continue to grow, whether consumers want healthy choices or pure indulgences.