A company can now harness the cooling power of Koolada cooling agents, available from Advanced Biotech, in a variety of products. These cooling agents are among the best on the market, providing a cooling sensation that is great for a wide range of product types. Whether it is in confectionary items or cosmetics, customers will be sure to enjoy the benefits of these Koolada cooling agents, which go above and beyond the effects of standard mint to provide a refreshing sensation, whether the cooling agent is consumed or applied directly to the skin.


The Koolada cooling agents by Advanced Biotech come in a few different varieties, each using different chemicals to create its cooling sensation. From mint to menthol, it is possible for a business to find exactly the Koolada cooling agent that they need for their product. There are also odorless and flavorless varieties available for the business that is in need of a cooling sensation for their product, but that want to create their own flavors with other ingredients that can be used to create flavors and fragrances. Any of these products can be used in a wide range of applications.

Koolada Cooling Agents in Cosmetics

The refreshing feel of Koolada cooling agents are perfect in a wide range of cosmetic applications such as lip balms, lipsticks, and lotions. For healing cosmetics that offer the cooling sensation needed to soothe dry skin or dry lips, these Koolada cooling agents will provide the cooling sensation that customers crave. These cooling agents are stronger than the typical mint, and the flavorless and odorless variety of these Koolada cooling agents is perfect for lip balms and other cosmetics that will use a flavor other than the traditional mint.

Koolada Cooling Agents in Other Applications

Whenever there is a need for a cooling agent in a product, the Koolada cooling agents product line from Advanced Biotech is a great solution. From rubs and other medicated lotions, such as those used by athletes to soothe aching muscles and joints, to products such as cough drops which must be both edible and provide customers with the cooling sensation that they crave, Koolada cooling agents offer customers a wide range of solutions.

Choosing Koolada Cooling Agents

There are many different types of cooling agents available when shopping for raw ingredients, but few have the power and versatility of the Koolada cooling agents line from Advanced Biotech. Multiple flavors and odors are available, as well as many different chemical compositions, making them perfect for buyers regardless of their needs. Those who would like more information on these products can contact a representative at Advanced Biotech for more information on what these quality ingredients can do for their production line.

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Product NumberProduct NameFEMACASProduct SpecsSDS
1364MENTHYL LACTATE NATURAL374859259-38-0 (EU) / 61597-98-6 (US)
1707KOOLADA - MMS NATURAL381077341-67-4
2221KOOLADA-ML SYNTHETIC374859259-38-0
2255KOOLADA-3 SYNTHETIC345539711-79-0
2259KOOLADA-23 SYNTHETIC380451115-67-4
2299KOOLADA - MMS SYNTHETIC381077341-67-4