Essential Oils and Isolates are among the most commonly used ingredients in a wide range of applications. It is vital for companies that produce scents and fragrances to have essential oils and isolates that are formulated for optimal performance throughout these different applications. These essential oils and isolates contain the very essence of the botanicals that they were derived from, and should be as free of impurities as possible. Advanced Biotech’s advanced extraction processes ensure that every batch of essential oils and isolates produced is the best possible formulation, and will perform exactly as intended.

Essential Oils: The Basics

Essential Oils are often used by alone in aromatherapy or as a basic perfume, but they have a much broader range of uses. They are often used in the making of products that work well with oils, such as soaps, candles, and other cosmetic products, and as such as wonderful items for those looking to incorporate natural materials into their scented products.


Essential Oils may be a composite of aromatics or predominantly one chemical entity. Common essential oils include rose, tea tree oil, and sweet almond. These are used often to provide additional scent to other items, and are great for mixing new and unique scents that would otherwise be difficult to produce. Because of their ability to mix well with other oil-based products, essential oils are commonly used in the custom creation of other fragrances, and are a valuable addition to a laboratory where new fragrances are being mixed.

Isolates for a Wide Range of Applications

Essential Oils and Isolates are important in the development process of custom scents. Isolates can be valuable when a specific scent is necessary for the creation of a specific scent profile, and when a certain amount of delicacy is needed to create a fragrance.

Choosing Advanced Biotech For Essential Oils and Isolates

Advanced Biotech offers a range of Essential Oils and Isolates for various companies to choose from, no matter what industry they are in or what application they intend to use these ingredients for. In addition to scents that may be seen as more traditional, Advanced Biotech offers Essential Oils and Isolates such as garlic, onion, horseradish, and mustard oil.

Ingredients such as these are important for companies that are in search of pure, quality ingredients for lines emphasizing the natural healing and restorative powers of Essential Oils and Isolates as well as for those companies which are seeking a simple solution to their fragrance needs.


Advanced Biotech will work with any customer to ensure that they receive the Essential Oils and Isolates that they require, in the quantities that are necessary for effective and efficient production lines. Contact Advanced Biotech for more information on its line of Essential Oils and Isolates and begin harnessing the powers of these incredible quality ingredients as soon as they are needed.

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Product NumberProduct NameFEMACASProduct SpecsSDS
1151BITTER ALMOND OIL NATURAL20468013-76-1/90320-35-7
1798PIPERINE NATURAL290994-62-2
3001ONION OIL NATURAL28178002-72-0/8054-39-5
3004DAVANA OIL NATURAL23598016-03-3
3007GRAIN FUSEL OIL NATURAL24978013-75-0
3010GARLIC OIL NATURAL25038000-78-0
3013ANISE STAR OIL NATURAL20968007-70-3
3018GINGER OIL NATURAL25228007-08-7
3035CASSIA OIL NATURAL22588007-80-5/84961-46-6
3037TEA TREE OIL NATURAL390268647-73-4
3042CINNAMON BARK OIL22918015-91-6