A New Range of Flavors For Flavored Water

Flavored water isn’t exactly anything new as far as the market is concerned. However, the way that they are marketed and the way that their flavors are formulated has made them very different from the earliest drink mixes to hit the marketplace. The first flavored water product often utilized flavor ingredients that created distinct but otherwise nondescript flavors, often of a fruity or citrus variety. One of the most distinct things about these flavors was the fact that they were not, nor did they intend to mimic, any flavors that can be found in nature.


For many years, it was common for flavored water products to have sweet, fruity, but otherwise unidentifiable fruit flavors. In the cases of many flavored water products that were inspired by fruit flavors, the fruit flavor that was created was decidedly synthetic. They might have been identifiable as cherry or strawberry flavor to buyers, but ultimately they tasted nothing like real strawberries, cherries, or other types of fruit.


The modern world has changed in many different ways. One of those ways is the transition toward more natural fruit flavors, even in the case of flavored water products. This is especially true considering that flavored water now make up a large part of the dietary and health foods industries. Fortunately, great new flavor ingredients such as natural extracts have made it easier than ever for flavorists to create delicious flavors ranging from classics such as berry, lime, and apple to flavors that are a little bit more complex and exotic, such as acai berry and pomegranate.


Flavored water allow buyers to get the great, natural taste of their favorite fruits even when they are at work or on the go. As more consumers switch from drinks like soda that are heavy in sugar and calories to beverages that bring more health benefits, functional water is becoming increasingly common on store shelves. Not surprisingly, there is plenty of room for growth in this particular market. Flavorists have a lot of opportunity to create great, natural flavors that buyers of all types will love.