Asian Inspired Sauces and Condiments

Soy sauce has become so ubiquitous in cuisine that many people don’t even necessarily think of it as “Asian” anymore. It can be used in a number of different types of foods and food products to create that delicious “umami” flavor that has become so important in the culinary world in recent years. However, a flavorist would be remiss to forget that soy sauce is, in fact, Asian – and not only that, but it could definitely be considered a gateway condiment into the wide world of Asian condiments and sauces.


Focusing on Asian sauces and condiments as a whole is a bit of a misnomer of course, as there are many different styles of Asian cuisine – Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, and that’s just getting started. Any of these areas of cuisine can be considered a great place to mine for ideas for sauces, whether a flavorist is looking to bring a traditional food product to their own food market or they are looking for inspiration for a new delicious sauce.


There are some flavor ingredients of course that feature prominently in Asian cuisine and that can instantly bring Asian flair to a sauce. Ginger is incredibly prominent, and through the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Ginger Oil a flavorist can easily produce the fresh and somewhat spicy flavor of this root in a sauce. (On a side note, ginger and soy together in any type of sauce are a winning combination.)


Garlic type flavors, which can be added to a product through the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Garlic Oil, also feature in many sauces. Garlic is especially good when paired with spicy flavors such as chili – an option that flavorists will definitely want to look into.


Then there are of course plum vinaigrette, sweet and sour sauce, duck sauce, peanut sauce, and even favorites such as black bean sauce – whether used traditionally or as inspiration for something new and different, they are all great sources for flavorists to create delicious products.