Bath and Body Aromas for Kids and Teens

Creating fragrances for adults is a complex art that requires a vast amount of experience as well as a good understanding of the psychology of fragrance. So why should it be any different when it comes to the perfumes, colognes, and other aromas that are created for children and teens? There are many horror stories of bubblegum fragrances that so sickly sweet they make both kids’ and parents’ heads spin, so anybody that is looking to create aromas for this age market needs to stop and think about what makes a fragrance appropriate for these audiences.


It’s true that aromas for kids and teens will not necessarily need to be as complex or sophisticated as those for adult buyers. Kids and teens both enjoy aromas that are more recognizable, and not necessarily as exotic as those made for their adult counterparts. But the heavy, synthetic candy and fruit aromas that once populated kids’ fragrance sections in shops are quickly becoming a thing of the past in favor of more realistic aromas that utilize natural ingredients and that recreate the natural scent of these products.


Aromas for children are unisex, for the most part, which only makes sense. Fresh fruit aromas such as that provided by Advanced Biotech’s Natural Citrus Enhancer or Natural Furanone are great ways to incorporate fresh and fruity aromas into these products, and kids will be sure to enjoy them whether they’re bath products or lotions.


However, there are many ways to create gendered aromas for teens that are still not overtly aromatic like those for their older teen and adult counterparts. Lightly floral, natural aromas mixed with fruit aromas such as berry are great for younger girls. Most perfumists err on the sweeter side, so as not to create scents that are too sophisticated for younger buyers. And as for the boys, there are many great woody, grassy aromas that are fresh, fun, and close enough to those made for adults that they will be sure to enjoy them without going overboard at their young age.


Experiment and explore. There are plenty of great aroma options even for younger individuals. Don’t fall into the trap of creating something overtly “kiddy”, either. Simply making a lightly scented, less sophisticated, natural version of an adult fragrance is a great way to create an aroma for kids and teens.