Bath Product Trends

Just as in food and beverages, today’s consumers want their bath products to be healthier and more natural. Let’s look at some of the hottest getting-clean trends happening this year.


Products that help reduce stress


Stress management is at the forefront of most people’s minds these days, and bathing is the ultimate way to relax, unwind, and improve overall well-being. People are carving out time to pamper themselves and lower their stress levels, and this year’s bath products are responding to this need with ingredients thought to promote feelings of calm, such as lavender or CBD.


Relaxing fragrances


Aromatherapy is growing in popularity and, with it, bath products with aromatherapy claims. Natural aromas, such as jasmine and lavender, are being combined with anti-inflammatory ingredients for a powerful therapeutic punch. Think about opening a new bar of soap – the first thing most people do is to smell it. Gentle and calming fragrances are an essential part of bath time for everyone, from little children to older adults looking to unwind from a busy day.


Bath products with health benefits


In the same way that consumers are seeking out functional ingredients in their foods, so are they looking for beneficial, functional ingredients in their bath products. Aligning health claims with personal care products can be tricky, but consumers are naturally shopping for natural ingredients that they recognize and that they believe will help them recharge and recover. For example, someone with a cold might look for soothing vapors, while a person with sore post-workout muscles may shop for bath treatments that promise to relax their muscles and relieve the pain.


Elevated self-care


Self-care and indulgence often go hand-in-hand, but people can’t always find the time or money to visit salons and spas for the elevated experience they crave. Self-care is essential to a person’s overall well-being, and in today’s stressful world, people are starting to realize that in large numbers. That’s why brands are now offering more products, such as CBD body lotions and Himalayan pink salt, designed to provide the therapeutic benefits of a spa experience at home. The boom in facial masks is evidence that people are increasingly seeking the indulgence of spa treatments without leaving the comfort of home.


More options for men


The beginning of the new decade coincides with a new cultural concept of masculinity as a new generation of men emerge as the target audience for many personal care brands. Younger men are increasingly shopping for products far beyond basic hygiene items, yet only a tiny percentage of personal care products are designed for and marketed to men. That percentage is growing, however, and will continue to do so in the coming years. Today’s male shopper is more likely than those of yesteryear to want a well-groomed appearance and seek out high-quality body care options, such as shave products and fragranced bar soap.


Sustainable solutions


Natural ingredients are more popular than ever, but now, consumers are also beginning to understand the toll that some of these take on the planet and the farming community. Therefore, there is more pressure for brands to work with suppliers to ensure that there are fair trade and ethical sourcing initiatives in place. Bath product manufacturers – like manufacturers of most other modern products – will do well to demonstrate how their products are produced in sustainable and ethical ways and showcase the work they do with their partners to bring their customers products they can feel good about using.


At Advanced Biotech, we are committed to helping you stay on top of the latest trends and invite you to explore our vast range of flavor and fragrance ingredients as you design your own unique new items this year.