Bold Lunch Meat Options Go Big

The flavor industry has gone in two wildly different directions in recent years. The first is the direction of simple, delicate, and delicious. These types of products are light, natural, and usually keep the number of flavors being used to create them to the absolute minimum. Then, on the other hand, you have the big, bold flavors. From delicious, meaty flavors to spicy hot flavor notes and much, much more, there are plenty of ways that flavorists of an incredible range of products are making sure their goods really stand out from the crowd. Leading the lunch meat category growth are specialty deli meats, such as chorizo, pepperoni and salami, finds Nielsen.


These bold flavored lunch meat options are on the rise as a result of the increased multicultural influences in today’s environment. They were created with exactly one goal in mind – to provide a little excitement to one’s lunch and to spice up the typical sandwich with something a little more exciting and new. The range of flavors available with these types of lunch meat can be pretty astonishing. From the heat and flavor of a jalapeno pepper to the slow burn of chipotle, peppers of all kinds are more than welcome with lunch meats.


Smoked flavors, which can be provided or boosted with a flavor ingredient such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Guaiacol, are also proving time and time again to be a big hit among consumers. These smoked flavors can be used independently, or used along with other flavor ingredients such as hot pepper for a flavorful boost that will be sure to please.


Even those consumers who may not be as willing to experiment with various marinades and sauces may be tempted to try one of these delicious lunch meat flavors.