butterfly pea

Butterfly Pea Spotlight

Highly recognizable for its natural blue hue and color changing properties, the butterfly pea flower is expected to be spotted all over the food and beverage sectors this year. Traditionally used in Asian cuisines, the earthywoody flavored plant’s flavor profile can be described as being similar to unsweetened green tea.  High in oxidants and having anti-ageing properties, the appeal for butterfly pea is more than just color, the blue botanical caters to health-conscious consumers.


It could very well be said that the rising popularity of butterfly pea flower is due in large part to brands and companies taking into account the sensory attribute that color provides consumers. Experimenting with vibrant colors makes packaged products worthy of consumer praise on social media channels such as Instagram. Notable food service sectors have  Butterfly pea presents flavorists with a new way to harness and use earthy flavors while still providing consumers with something fresh and different. Additionally, butterfly pea pairs well with a broad range of other flavors, from those within the citrus family.


So where can consumers expect to find butterfly pea flower flavors over the coming year? The biggest market for butterfly pea will undeniably be the beverages industry, where it already prominently features in a number of naturally flavored products. These include teas, flavored water beverages, natural soda beverages, and even in the creation of bottled coffees and teas. They can also be expected to become even more prominent in flavored alcoholic beverages such as vodka.


Butterfly pea can be expected to be unveiled in a number of different sweet frozen and confectionery treats. Look for products such as butterfly pea flower tea-infused ice cream, as well as butterfly pea chiffon cake and much more.