Cheese Flavor for a Range of Food Products

Artificial cheese flavor is used in a range of food products. Whether a company wants to produce a cheese flavored product that does not have to be refrigerated, they want a cheese powder to flavor a food, or they are searching for a cheese substitute for a dairy-free food option, there are many different flavor ingredient choices available. One of the most important things to consider when searching through these products is the way that the flavoring can be used. It is also important to pay attention to other flavor notes that the product might have – some cheese flavors are better for certain uses than others.


Cheesy flavorings, such as Advanced Biotech Natural Butyl Butyryl Lactate and Natural Dairy Complex, can be used to enhance the flavor of processed or dehydrated cheese food products including cheese singles, packaged Parmesan, and flavored cheese spread. These products are often combined with other ingredients to create distinct cheese flavors as well, such as Swiss, cheddar, or pepper jack. There are many different ways to mix and use these flavor ingredients, especially depending on how strong the cheese flavor in the product needs to be.


Another popular use of cheese flavoring is on products such as popcorn, potato chips, and other snack foods that are flavored with a powdered coating. Yet again, it becomes prudent when making these products to consider the many different ways that the cheese flavor can be used, and what other flavor ingredients can be used it to create a unique flavor. Cheese is often used with onion flavors, garlic flavors, and even other creamy, dairy flavors to create a unique taste that will make a snack food product stand out on the shelf.


Cheese flavors can greatly enhance a number of packaged and boxed foods as well. Products meant to be cooked at home often use cheese flavor ingredients to produce the cheesy flavor needed for macaroni and cheese, cheesy skillet meals, and noodle and rice dishes. One thing to remember during this process is that when cheese flavor ingredients are converted to a powder form they may lose a little flavor – especially their creaminess or buttery flavor. Butter flavor ingredients are therefore a common addition to these types of cheese flavors.


However, it is not just the “savory” foods market that can use cheese flavor to great effect. Cheese flavor can also be used in a more subtle way to create a variety of desserts and sweet treats. They are especially important in the creation of packaged cheesecakes or dairy-free cheesecakes. However, other dessert products that use cheese such as Tiramisu can also benefit from these ingredients. When choosing to use a cheese flavor ingredient in this manner, the important thing for flavor creation teams to keep in mind is to go for creamier, more dairy oriented cheese flavors, or even cheese flavor ingredients that contain slightly nutty notes. That will ensure that the end result is a product that is only lightly cheese flavored, but that retains the sweet factor important in the creation of a perfect sweet treat.