Chic New Year’s Eve Cocktails

It’s almost time to kick off the new year, and there’s no better way to welcome new beginnings and fresh starts than with a naturally delicious and visually aesthetic cocktail. Whether you’re looking to stay up all night with something caffeinated, or want something bubbly to lend an extra elegant flair to the evening, these cocktails bring a festive touch to any get-together. Join us at Advanced Biotech as we take a look at some of our favorite flavor elements for creating chic and memorable cocktails.



Not sure you’ll be able to keep your eyes open to see the clock turn midnight? Coffee offers a boost of caffeine as well as a delicious smoky, slightly bitter element to a variety of cocktails. Once popular in the 90s, espresso martinis are a retro cocktail that is making a comeback in a big way with younger Gen Z and Millennial consumers. Strong, sweet, and deliciously foamy with a creamy layer on top, these unique drinks are made simply with brewed coffee, coffee liqueur, and vodka. Irish coffee is another classic cocktail sure to give anyone who drinks it a jolt of energy.  Hot, brewed coffee lends a boost caffeine, while brown sugar adds a natural sweetness and a shot of Irish whiskey brings the party to the glass. Top it with vanilla-infused whipped cream and enjoy.



Looking to enjoy a drink but don’t want to cheat on New Year’s resolutions before the new year has even started? Fruit is naturally sweet, flavorful, and packed with vitamins and minerals, making it the ultimate addition to any cocktail recipe. Elevate a typical flute of champagne with a simple but delicious sparkler berry sparkler. Berry-infused vodka and pomegranate juice lend their beautiful color and tangy flavor to champagne, and skewered raspberries help to bring it all together. It’s an easy yet chic recipe that’s just as perfect for a both a casual get-together or elegant soiree. Holiday punch is another clever use of classic champagne, simply add bubby to a decorative bowl, combine with Gran Marnier, vodka, ginger ale and fruits like oranges, lemon, cherry, and fresh raspberries for an easy yet visually pleasing drink the whole party will enjoy.



                A dash of spice adds a level of interest and unexpected kick of flavor to many traditional cocktail recipes. Adding a dash of bitters to a fruity, champagne-based punch or a few jalapenos to a traditional margarita are quick ways to present spice in a familiar way. Make a unique and spicy drink using mezcal, tequila’s smoky cousin, red-chili-infused Aperol, and pineapple and lime juices together until they’re blended into a beverage that is a perfect combination of sweet, spicy, and smoky. Garnish with an elegant spring of rosemary or dried slice of orange for a shows-topping cocktail.


Spicy, sweet, creamy, and fruity – chic drinks perfect for any New Year’s party are only limited by your imagination.