Choosing the Right Flavors for Jerky

The market for jerky has exploded as consumers continue to seek out flavors such as smoked mesquite and spicy in their snack choices. As consumers continue snacking more and eating fewer sit down meals, their demand for unique flavor doesn’t take a back seat.


The presence of a consumer market that is more experimental than ever is great news for flavorists, as they now have the option to create bolder, more exciting flavors than ever before. However, it is also more important than ever that they have a firm grasp of which flavors pair best with which meats to create delicious jerky.


At worst, a poorly chosen flavor can interact badly with the natural flavors of the meat product, creating an unpleasant snacking experience. At best, the paired flavor is not only delicious on its own, but enhances and interacts with the natural flavors of the meat used for jerky. That can lead to a product that is delicious, complex, and incredibly exciting.


It is important to choose these flavors with care. However, that doesn’t mean that a flavorist can’t be bold. One great starting off point for a flavorist is to consider the flavors that have traditionally been used with certain food products and, from there, to look at related flavors that share many of the same properties. An example of this would be using a flavor ingredient such as natural Guaiacol to create a smoky flavor which is gaining momentum from the increasing popularity of Korean flavors across the industry.


Other  flavor options for flavorists are pepper, teriyaki, sweet and spicy and barbecue, which can be achieved using Advanced Biotech’s natural 2,6 Dimethoxy Phenol. Choosing flavors such as these can allow flavorists to think outside of the box when creating delicious flavors for meat snacks.