Coconut Water: A “New” Health Drink

Coconut water has been around forever, but until recently, most Americans encountered it only as a treat when traveling to exotic locations. But lately, this natural and nutritious liquid has flooded the market and can now be found on any supermarket shelf as well as in many online stores. Part of what’s driving the trend is the consumer desire for distance from sugary carbonated soft drinks and a more general awareness of and concern, for physical wellness. But coconut water has plenty to offer in its own right.


Coconut water is the pure fluid found inside of young, green coconuts (not to be confused with coconut oil or coconut milk). It boasts a sweet, nutty taste that many people find quite pleasant. It has fewer calories than sports drinks, but is just as hydrating. It’s a refreshing and all-natural way to stay hydrated, increase potassium intake, and reduce sodium in the diet.


So it’s no surprise that coconut water has become as popular as it has. The wellness trend has seen many popular brands as well as many newer companies launching lines of coconut water, including original and flavored versions of the healthy drink. While many people enjoy coconut water as is, they also prefer something a little more interesting from time to time while still reaping coconut water’s many health benefits.


Therefore, coconut water now comes in a variety of flavors, with new ones popping up all the time. Fruit flavors are popular with this beverage and range from pineapple and orange to combinations such as peach and mango, acai and pomegranate, and mango and guava. The possibilities are endless: melon, papaya, banana, lemon, and peach flavors, to name just a few, can all be used to give the flavor of coconut water a fruity twist. For those wishing to try something a little more unusual, cocoa- and coffee-flavored coconut waters are also available.


Coconut water is also used in many recipes. For example, it can be added to smoothies along with any number of ingredients including dates, berries, spinach, cucumber, mint, chia seeds, almond butter, yogurt, and many more. There are so many flavor possibilities with this versatile drink that it’s easy to see why it’s a flavorist’s dream come true. And with the coconut water market in its opening stages and growing all the time, there’s no shortage of ways to experiment with its flavor to create new and enticing health drinks. It will be exciting to see what new varieties appear on the market in the coming months.