Coffee Trends We’re Embracing This Year

The National Coffee Association (NCA), reported 63% of American adults drink coffee daily, a 6% percent increase from last year.  Coffee is America’s favorite beverage, and for good reason. A rise in interest with gourmet coffee varieties and an increase in consumption among younger consumers contribute to this growth. Appreciation of coffee quality is growing along with the understanding of flavor notes – it isn’t about the roasting level anymore. This increase has the industry adapting and thriving by embracing innovation and transparency. It’s also affected the coffee trends we’re experiencing this year.

Cold brew is one of today’s fastest growing beverage trends. Over the past four years, it’s seen an increase of 833% on quick serve menus, according to Datassential. The basic flavor for cold brews is a base of cold brew concentrate, available through Advanced Biotech’s high quality natural coffee concentrate and natural yerba mate concentrate. Flavorists can then focus on creating on-trend specialty beverages, such as iced coffee, milkshake, cocktail and smoothie applications. Ready-to-drink manufacturers can enhance the creaminess of their product through the many

According to Whole Foods, keto, paleo, grain-free and even “pegan” (paleo + vegan) diets are becoming more lifestyle choices. This has thrust foods that contain fats and proteins into the spotlight. The supermarket company said to look for items like keto-friendly nutrition bars crafted with MCT oil powder, coconut butter–filled chocolates, snacks affectionately called “fat bombs”, and a new wave of ready-to-drink vegan coffee beverages inspired by butter coffees.

The flavors that are available for roasters and coffee retailers do not end there. Health-conscious consumers are all about nutrient dense foods and drinks and the coffee industry is catching on. Mushrooms are making an appearance in coffee! The earthy flavors of this super food can be recreated with organic unroasted St. John bread extract.  These days, coffee can be enjoyed in more than a beverage, it can take the form of a popsicle, chocolate bar and it can be mixed into liquer, beer and soda. The concept of coffee is ever-changing resulting in new innovations around coffee continuously popping up. For this reason, we’re not surprised to see trending specialty coffee in the flavored water space.