Cold Brew or Iced Coffee – Use Natural Flavor Concentrates

An iced coffee or cold brew is delicious, refreshing, and revitalizing. Iced coffee is first hot-brewed – the heat extracting conventional flavor layers from the coffee compounds – and then presented cold over ice. In contrast, a cold brew can be made using concentrates diluted to taste, which is ideal for producing ready-to-drink beverages. Concentrates are created using course coffee grounds and cold or room temperature water. The mixture is usually steeped for eight to 24 hours.
Cold brewing creates a taste that’s less bitter and more mellow than hot brews, with a more floral and sweeter profile. This difference is thanks to the lower, and consequently different, coffee soluble yield, including specific acids and oils. In addition, while cold brewing using concentrates or higher coffee-to-water brewing ratios, the result is diluted and the same or less intense than regular-strength hot coffee.
Why Cold Brew and Iced Coffee?
These options offer coffee energy and health benefits, including antioxidants and chlorogenic acids. Cold Brew’s milder smoother result is also kinder on the stomach, thanks to fewer acids, and can provide a creamier, thicker mouthfeel. In addition, it’s convenient for manufacturers to prepare using concentrates in large quantities and keep them refrigerated.
The ready-to-drink cold coffee beverage trend has been embraced in-store and online by several notable brands, including Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Chameleon Cold-Brew, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, High Brew Coffee, Califia Farms, the Coca-Cola Co, and Nestle SA. Products are available for sit-down and in cans and bottles, typically Arabica, Robusta, or Liberica-based. Flavor, strength, and caffeine content vary across brands and variants.
According to’s “Global Cold Brew Coffee Market 2023-2027” report, the category enjoys boosted popularity. With accelerated uptake driving a 26.4% annual growth, the market is predicted to grow by $2176.05 million from 2023-2027. This growth is thanks to millennials and increased product launches across an expanding and increasingly organized retail footprint.
Experimenting With Cold Brews Is Cool
With a growing market of hot and cold coffee users, early adopters, increasingly health-conscious and time-poor consumers, ready-to-drink, chilled coffee products from convenience stores and vending machines represent an attractive expansion option.
Opportunities include flavored, functional, dairy-free, and no or low-sugar brews. Then, beyond classic cold brewing methods, you can play with nitro cold brews by infusing your mix with nitrogen gas for a frothy head and creamy texture. Alternatively, explore sparkling options by adding carbonated water or soda for refreshing fizziness.
Whichever coffee product you’re focused on, choose pure and natural coffee concentrates and other desirable flavor ingredients to produce and accentuate your flavor profiles. Advanced Biotech provides a choice of cleanly produced and EU-certified coffee concentrates and an extensive range of associated flavor and aroma options.
Heat Up Your Iced or Cold Brew Innovations with Advanced Biotech
Our coffee ingredient categories include concentrates, extracts, distillates, furanones, and thiazoles. So, rely on our plant-based and often organic products to create and add intensity and flavor notes to your ready-to-drink coffee beverages.
Then, add excitement and variety to your cold brew or iced beverage with complementary flavors. Let your imagination run wild, or stick with reliably firm favorites. These can include sweet, creamy vanilla, nutty caramel or hazelnut, spicy cinnamon or cardamom, indulgent mocha, decadent Irish cream, refreshing peppermint, or tropical coconut. Finally, consider energy-giving inclusions such as yerba mate, ginseng, guarana, acai berry, and taurine for functionality.
Please contact us today to place your order or discuss your cold brew or iced coffee product ingredient needs. In addition, if you’re in a development phase, we offer samples for trial before purchase.