Complex and Oh-So Sophisticated – Uses for Tobacco Extract

Tobacco has a sweet, earthy aroma that is difficult to replicate – a factor that has led to its popularity in numerous different types of bath and body product for both men and women. Even those who may not necessarily approve of tobacco’s use via smoking or other means can’t deny the appeal of tobacco extract as a fragrance ingredient.


One of the most unique things about the fragrance of tobacco is the fact that it does have a deep profile – a factor that means it can combine quite easily with both floral notes and other notes for a smokier, more masculine fragrance. It can often be found as a middle note in floral perfumes, where it helps to create a more complex aroma and can tone down the overly sweet nature of products with notes such as jasmine, rose, and violet.


While commonly found in perfumes and colognes, tobacco extract is also a common component of products such as lotions, aftershave, and more. While especially popular in products for men, it has always seen regular usage in women’s products as well, as it has a certain air of sophistication that lends itself well to fragrances that are on the more complex side. Tobacco notes make great middle notes in several different types of fragrances, so there are plenty of opportunities to explore the use of this note in many different personal care products.


In the modern day and age, Tobacco Extract is also being used or its flavor, especially with the boom in the e-cigarette market. Tobacco Extract can be used to create an authentic tobacco aroma in these products, which are an alternative to standard cigarettes and even come in nicotine-free varieties. Another benefit of using tobacco extract to create flavors is the ability to tweak the flavor level to meet different buyers’ tastes. Tobacco flavor can be stronger in some products and more subdued in others – it can also be adjusted for the perfect pairing with other flavor notes in these types of products.


Due to the sensitive nature of Tobacco Extracts, as well as the fact that it also has medicinal uses, it’s always important to use an extract of the best possible quality. The Natural Tobacco Extracts from Advanced Biotech make the best possible use of the tobacco plant for an accurate flavor and fragrance profile that can easily be measured and added to products as needed and desired.


Advanced Biotech’s Tobacco Extract product list:

Natural Tobacco Extract

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