Consumer Insight: Baby Boomers

An expansive generation with a significant buying power, Baby Boomers are born between the years of 1946 and 1964. From the late 1940 onward, Boomers have greatly influenced the food and beverage industry, giving rise to some of today’s most recognizable brands. As this generation moves into their late 50s, they are once again redefining the way products are marketed, purchased, and consumed. Join us in our latest blog post as we at Advanced Biotech take a look at this powerhouse generation and examine the ways their shifting values are impacting the food and beverage industry.


                As Baby Boomers transition into their later years, they are shifting the industry focus from “anti-aging” products and practices to “pro-aging” ones. Boomers are looking to engage with products and brands that promote aging as a positive concept and from a health and wellness standpoint, those that are proactive and empowering. These “pro-aging” values are perhaps best exemplified in Boomers’ eating and drinking habits.  Between 2010 to 2018, the percentage of Baby Boomers who say that health is an important value to them rose at a rate of 23 percent, and this mindset is reflected in the foods and beverages that are now trending among this generation.  Foods that are both nutritious and easy to chew and swallow such as yogurt and overnight oats are popular choices among Boomers for breakfast. Functional beverages that contain immunity-boosting ingredients like turmeric and cinnamon as well as fermented foods that contain gut-healthy probiotics are also of great interest. Convenient, pre-pared, single-serving snacks and meals meant for those who eat smaller portions and live alone are also frequent choices among this generation.


Bold Flavors

                Baby Boomers’ interest in robust flavors, perhaps, attributed to their desire to stay on trend as they age. This tendency can also be attributed to the idea that as we age our taste buds become duller, promoting many to seek out more flavorful foods and beverage in order to maintain an enjoyable dining experience. Whatever the reason, there is a spectrum of products and brands that appealing to Boomers who are looking to reignite their senses and experience unique and even global flavors. Products enhanced with bold fruit flavors like pomegranate, blueberry lemon, and blood orange are of interest to Boomers when it comes to quick snacks like granola, cereals, and yogurt. Savory, herbal flavor tones like rosemary, dill, tarragon, and oregano, are popular menu items and are only overshadowed by Boomers’ interest in spicy sauces such as buffalo and other hot sauces. Asian-inspired flavors such as zingy ginger, lemongrass, and sriracha are also making it into Boomers’ pantries with prepared noodle dishes, salads, and marinades topping to-buy lists.


Health-conscious, positive about aging, and ready to explore new, bold flavors, Baby Boomers are shaping the way products are produced, marketed, and purchased. Looking to embrace their aging bodies and taste buds in a proactive and meaningful way, Boomers are looking for products and companies that align with these values.