Creating Delicious Bottled Smoothies

Smoothies offer buyers an incredible way to stay healthy, to watch their calorie count and to ensure that they are getting the recommended amount of fruits in their diet, even if they are very busy. While making your own fruit smoothie is perfection, not everybody has time to do that, every day. For many individuals, bottled smoothies are the next best option. Fortunately, there are an incredible amount of delicious smoothie flavors to choose from, with more flavors being offered every day. If you’re a flavorist looking to experiment with creating brighter, fresher smoothie flavors, there are many ways that you can make that happen.


One of the first things to keep in mind when creating bottled smoothies is the fact that, though delicious a smoothie may be when just made, most have a tendency to lose some flavor during the blending, pasteurization (if necessary) and refrigeration processes. Therefore, the place to start when creating flavors for smoothies is by enhancing the flavors of the ingredients that already exist in the smoothie. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Strawberry Furanone is derived from strawberries, and is the perfect way to boost the flavor of strawberry in a smoothie. Meanwhile, Advanced Biotech’s Natural Allyl Heptoate is perfect for enhancing banana flavors.


Flavorists may also find themselves needing to recreate other smoothie flavors. Most smoothies have a creamy component, naturally. However, when creating a vegan smoothie or a healthy smoothie, it may not always be possible to add cream or yogurt in order to give it the properly creamy flavor. Ingredients such as natural dairy complex can be used in order to help create and enhance this flavor, making a bottled smoothie much richer and more flavorful.


Bottled smoothies are delicious and nutritious, and they offer the flavorist who works on them plenty of options to be creative. There is a wide variety of flavors, too, and as the demand for smoothies grow there will be even more incredible options making their way into store coolers.