Creating Delicious Summertime Soups

Soups are traditionally eaten in the colder months, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a host of favorites that are just as enjoyable during the summertime. The big difference between the usual soup and the soup designed for the spring and the summer is the use of fresher and lighter ingredients – often with a bit of flair derived from the numerous different ethnic cuisines making a big splash in the flavor market.


A tomato-based soup like gazpacho, which is usually served chilled, can be the perfect dish for summer. However, just plain tomato doesn’t cut it in the edgier world of modern day cuisine. Onion, garlic (which can be added with Advanced Biotech’s Natural Garlic Oil) and pepper flavors can give it a spicier twist, while melon flavors offer a refreshing edge that is sure to help relieve some of the summertime heat.


Creamier vegetable soups, such as corn chowder, are also perfect for summer. However, even traditionally winter soups and stews can be given a summertime twist through the use of fresher ingredients and flavors. Cucumber flavor, which can be added to a product by using Advanced Biotech’s Natural Green Complex, can be a refreshing way to jazz up minestrone or tomato soup that is perfect no matter the temperature outside. And of course, cucumber flavor can also be a great addition to a chilled yogurt soup, and has the added bonus of replicating Greek cuisine with the flavor of tzatziki sauce.


When thinking of soups for summer, simply focus on light and refreshing flavors rather than deep and filling flavors. There are plenty of existing summer soup options out there to explore, while any winter favorite can be transformed through the use of the right ingredients. Anything created with the right balance of refreshing Natural Flavor Ingredients from Advanced Biotech is sure to be delicious!