Creating Fantastic Fragrances for Natural Soap and Shampoo Products

Today’s buyers crave safe, natural products, and while this trend started in the foods and beverages industries, it’s extended into the toiletries market. However, it’s not enough to simply leave out the harsh chemicals. The aromas in these toiletries help give them their “natural” appeal, so there are several things that fragrance designers should take into consideration when creating these products.


It’s no surprise that fruits and florals are at the top of the market when it comes to creating great natural fragrances in toiletries. After all, they’re the most popular types of fragrances in toiletries overall. However, when it comes to creating natural products, most buyers are looking for fruit and floral fragrances that are a little more natural than their counterparts. Using Natural Fragrance Ingredients such as Organic Rose Distillate is a good starting point for the creation of products that appeal to the senses as well as to customers’ desires for natural products. With so many different popular types of florals, from orange blossom to lavender, it’s easy to create a prominent fragrance profile in these products that appeals to buyers’ health-sense as well as their desire for something with aromatic appeal.


Herbal aromas are another big hit when it comes to the creation of natural toiletries, and there are many different types of herbal aromas for fragrance designers to choose from when creating enticing products. From generally herbal aromas such as Natural Iso Amyl Salicylate to specific herbal aromas such as that of rosemary, available through the use of Organic Rosemary Leaf Extract, there are many different options from which to choose. Other popular favorites include Natural Tea Tree Oil, lemongrass, and even mint, which are especially useful in crafting refreshing shampoos – perfect for a natural morning boost.


Regardless of the types of aromas that fragrance designers use to create enticing aromas for everything from soaps to lotions and shampoos, one of the biggest things that they can keep in mind in the fragrance design process is that customers want the aromas in these natural products to pull double duty. Keeping in mind the appeal of things like aromatherapy, which serves to create sensations ranging from relaxation to energizing, fragrance designers can craft fantastic products that appeal to buyers’ senses as well as their duty, to their own bodies as well as to the environment as a whole.