Creating Fragrances for Massage Oils and Lotions

Any product created specifically for the body should be created with a number of things in mind, such as the way that the fragrance will react with the skin, whether it will trigger potential allergies in certain individuals, and in many cases an increased – or sole – use of natural fragrance ingredients in the product’s creation. This is even more so the case with products such as massage oil and lotion, as they are applied directly to the skin, are massaged into the skin, and are created with the intention of helping to stimulate certain mental reflexes in the individual using the product.


Aromatherapy has traditionally been the main jumping off point when creating massage oils and lotions. The various fragrance ingredients used in these products can therefore range greatly depending on the intended use of the oil or lotion. Those that are meant to relax the body and the senses may contain warming and relaxing fragrance ingredients such as lavender, or even warm and woody floral aromas such as that provided by ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Alpha Ionone.


However, massage oils aren’t just about being relaxing. They can also be bright and invigorating, which is where fragrance ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Citrus Enhancer can come into play. Perfumists working on these and any other type of body product meant to have an affect on the senses should pay close attention to aromatherapy in order to determine which ingredients will work best for their product and their needs.