Creating Indulgent “So Bad It’s Good” Food Fare

Nine times out of ten, when buyers are seeking out food products, they want to feel good about the decisions that they are making. However, every so often people want to indulge in something that is so bad, it has to be good – even if it’s only good for their psyche.


For those times that a person is really looking to indulge in their food choices, flavorists can look at creating intense, rich, and incredibly creative food options. Unusual (and often unusually delicious) food items aren’t meant to be eaten on a regular basis. This means that flavorists who are looking to experiment with something radically different have plenty of options to explore.


Some of these “so bad it’s good” food items have been subject to quite a bit of controversy. An example of this is the infamous cheeseburger that, rather than make use of a traditional bun, used two halves of a glazed donut to send consumers’ senses reeling.


Indulgent confectionary treats are another area that offers a lot of room for exploration among flavorists. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Ethyl Pyruvate can be used to help intensify the rich caramel flavor of a confectionary product, while Advanced Biotech’s Natural Maple Furanone can be used to create a distinct maple syrup flavor in a food item. Unusual flavor components such as bacon flavors, which can be recreated through the use of smoky flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Guaiacol, are another unusual but delicious choice for flavoring rich and sweet confectionary products.


The important thing to keep in mind is that the more flavor you can manage to put into a product, the better – that is, so long as you’re targeting buyers who are seeking out something incredibly decadent. There are a lot of options available, and flavorists can easily create delicious items for their consumers’ next indulgences.