Crowd-Pleasing Scents for the Summer

With summer right around the corner, many perfume-lovers are looking forward to wearing the seasonal scents that define warm weather. Juicy citrus, fragrant florals, and fresh botanicals make for crowd-pleasing perfumes and colognes that consumers of all tastes will enjoy. Join us as we at Advanced Biotech explore some of the scents that make it to the top of consumers lists summer after summer.



            Fresh and floral scents typically get all of the attention in springtime, but come summer perfumed with notes of citrus take the spotlight. Citrus like lemon, orange, and grapefruit bring a clean feeling to all other scent profiles, and pair well with everything from delicate florals to peppery spices and even earthy musk scents. These sparkling, sundrenched fragrances are popular for their vibrant, tangy, and juicy scents as well as their versatility. A newcomer to the citrus category is also making a splash this season: yuzu. This Japanese citrus fruit has a scent that is said to be a combination of lemon, lime, and mandarin orange and has a sweeter, more rounded scent than traditional citrus. Yuzu tends to pair well with woody, spiced tones as well as mint and vanilla.



            Always a classic, florals are a tried and true aspect of summer fragrances. Powdery rose, calming lavender, and sweet freesia are popular aromas that pair well with a variety of other notes such as rich, balsamic sandalwood, spicy ginger, and even herbal scents like basil. Reminiscent of outdoor picnics and blossoming at-home gardens, light and sweet floral scents will always be a crowd-pleaser and is a category that is constantly evolving. As unisex fragrances become more popular, florals are paired with more masculine scents like barley, cedar, and musk to create new fragrance profiles that are suitable for both men and women.



            While not new to the fragrance scene, botanicals are often underrated and overlooked. Sweet honey, light, tea-like jasmine, and serene chamomile are just a few botanic tones that are popular additions to summer fragrances. Pairing well with sharper, spicier scents like peppercorn, leather, and hemp, sweet botanical scents are unique and reminiscent of nature. As consumer sentiment shifts to seek out more holistic products, botanical scents are becoming more popular choices.


Classic summer fragrances will continue to remain popular when paired with newer, trendy tones that fit consumers’ constantly shifting sentiments. While perfumists and brands alike can depend on these staples scents, it is imperative to innovate when it comes to combinations and even holistic claims.