Delicious Spirits for Cocktails, Shots, and More

Anybody who’s been to a cocktail lounge lately knows that there are a thousand and one different flavors to choose from. Rivaling only the confectionary industry regarding creativity, there are numerous different ways to craft delicious flavors in spirits. From spirits for cocktails to mixers and spirits to be drunk independently, there’s no end to the many different flavor combinations now available.


One of the biggest growing trends when it comes to flavored spirits is the creation of delicious, high-end flavors featuring some of the world’s most exotic fruits. From pomegranate-flavored vodka to unusual citruses such as the delightfully sweet flavor of blood orange, there are many different ways to incorporate these distinct flavor profiles into vodka, rum, schnapps and much more.


Even traditional fruit-flavored spirits are taking on a more sophisticated edge, with flavors increasingly becoming more complex and more realistic, and many making use of all-natural flavor ingredients to create profiles that bring to life real strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, grape and much more. Flavor ingredients, derived from real fruit sources such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Strawberry Furanone, can be an effective way of creating delicious, all-natural fruit flavors, as opposed to the more “confectionary” style flavors favored by beverage designers in years past. This helps to give these flavors a more “adult” edge and makes them especially great for the production of many different kinds of delicious cocktails and other types of drinks.


On the flip side, novelty flavors have made a big splash in the flavored spirits industry. From cupcake, whipped cream, and gingerbread-flavored vodka to tropical punch flavored rum, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Even seemingly untouchable spirits such as whiskey have gotten in on the action, with flavors such as maple and honey featuring prominently due to the perfect mingling of these flavors with the smoky flavors of this beverage. Ready for something spectacular? You can even find a chocolate-flavored whiskey to sample if you want something that offers a sweet kick. The market for these types of beverages is set to continue growing in coming years, and beverage designers can expect these novelty flavor trends to align with whatever is hot in the market, with seasonal flavors, in particular, reigning supreme in the flavor industry.


This is one market that does not seem set to slow down anytime soon when it comes to the incredible new flavors being made available. Of special note are those delicious seasonal flavors, and with the holidays coming up soon, who knows what’s in store? It’s always exciting to see what’s available in this growing market.