Exploring the Delicious World of Flavored Jams & Preserves

Jams and preserves can be used in numerous different ways, from fillings for your favorite sandwiches to toppings for your favorite sweet treats. (Jam-topped ice cream, anyone?) While jam is a classic, it seems that more people than ever are exploring the world of jams and preserves, which means that there is no better time than now for flavor designers to look at ways that they can incorporate flavored preserves into the creation of delicious jam products.


Apricot is a classic jam flavor that has a particular appeal, and that requires the use of specific flavor ingredients to recreate. These flavor ingredients include those such as Natural Benzyl Butyrate. Because of the similarity of apricot to fruits such as peach, peach notes can also be used in the creation of apricot-flavored jams and other similar types of dishes. When creating peach-flavored jams, in particular, some of the flavor ingredients that can be used to enhance or to boost the flavor of peach in the product include those such as Natural Peach Mercaptan. The delicacy of peach makes it important to use the right flavor ingredients when choosing preserves, at the risk of altering the flavor of the jam or preserve that you are creating.




There is a range of different types of berry-flavored jams, all of which require specific types of flavor ingredients for their creation. For example, blueberry flavor notes are quite different than other types of berry notes, such as blackberry or raspberry. Choose the flavor ingredients that you use in the creation of these jams carefully to get the flavor right and to avoid disrupting the natural qualities of the berry flavor inherent to these products.


Creating certain types of tart and tropical types of jams can be a little bit easier though it still requires a special touch to ensure that you get the flavor of these products right. Take pineapple-flavored jams for example. Various flavor ingredients contain pineapple notes, and can be used in the right amounts to recreate the flavor of pineapple and to enhance the product. These include ingredients such as Natural Methyl Caproate.


The range of jams on the market is quite spectacular, and combinations of different fruits in jams mean that there is always room for experimentation when it comes to flavors. For example, even classics such as strawberry jam may have a little bit of a twist when certain flavor notes are used in their creation. Whether going for a classic flavor combination or something special, it’s important to keep things as natural as possible, so as not to detract from the expected fruit flavor of these products.