Exploring Flavor Trends for Baby Foods

When it comes to baby foods, there really isn’t a lot of room for exploration. These flavors are generally kept simple, and for the most part not much is done to flavor baby food products apart from enhancing the natural flavors of processed fruits and vegetables that might have been lost during the cooking and blending process.


That being said, it is important for a flavorist to get these flavors right. One thing that is important for a flavorist working on these products to keep in mind is that they must appeal to two separate consumers. The first, naturally, is the baby who will be eating the food product. The littlest customers are often the pickiest eaters, and they aren’t likely to eat something that they don’t enjoy.


However, flavorists creating baby food products must also appeal to the parents – and this is where it can become more challenging to find the right flavor ingredients for foods. Parents only want what is best for their babies, and more individuals than ever are realizing that the best thing they can do for their baby is ensure that he or she is eating as many wholesome, natural foods as possible.


That means that while the flavors used in baby foods have not changed much, there has been a massive trend toward using only natural flavor ingredients in baby food products. Products that might have been flavored with synthetic ingredients in the past must now rely on the most natural flavor ingredients possible to give them their appeal – rather than using an ingredient such as Synthetic Methyl Caproate, for example, a flavorist would be wise to choose an ingredient such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Butyl Butyrate.


In addition to this, more parents than ever are choosing special diets for their children in keeping with their own ethical and health-conscious choices. This had led to a rise in products such as vegetarian and vegan baby foods. Fortunately, extraction techniques have made finding natural flavor ingredients easier than ever for both flavorists and parents. There are plenty of healthy baby food options for families to enjoy.