Exploring Flavors for Frozen Potato Products

From regular French fries to tater tots, hash browns, seasoned fries and more, there are various different frozen potato options in grocery store freezers. While regular French fries may have been the most popular option for years, there are now numerous options available with many more being made available by the year. Numerous different types of flavors may be used to make these potato products even more delicious and even more unique when compared to other similar products from competitors.


When it comes to standard potato products, some of the more popular flavor options include garlic, which can be added to the product through the use of Advanced Biotech’s Natural Garlic Oil. For various types of seasoned fries, especially those with an Asian flair, ingredients such as Natural Ginger Oil can be used to produce a uniquely spicy flavor. Other products such as hash browns that have a strong onion flavor may be flavored with ingredients such as Natural Methionol in order to produce the appropriate flavor notes.


In addition to the notes used to season these products, numerous other ingredients can be utilized in order to recreate the strong, savory flavors of freshly fried potato products. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Savory Complex is a simple and efficient way to provide strong savory notes to the product, while Natural Quesote 10% ETOH can add a beefy component to a frozen potato product.


These components can help to provide a more realistic flavor and fresh fried flavor, even with fresh out of the oven products. The right ingredients can help a flavorist transform even the simplest of products into a flavorful treat that will be sure to be a big hit among buyers.