Exploring the Wild World of Tropical Flavor

Amidst all the ethnic styles of cuisine – from Indian to Thai to Mediterranean – showing up on restaurant menus and on grocery store shelves, there’s another type of flavor that is heating up buyers’ palates. Tropical flavors are very much growing in popularity, not only as a sweet option, as has generally been common with these types of flavors, but for savory fare as well. In fact, tropical inspired food products are among the fastest growing in popularity, and have quickly made their way from gourmet menus and into the snack food aisle.


When it comes to snack food products, tropical flavor inspiration is a great way to combine sweeter flavors with more savory and even spicy flavors. Advanced Biotech’s Natural Mango Essence pairs easily with flavor ingredients such as Natural Garlic Oil in order to create an edgy flavor profile that works well on vegetable chips, potato chips, and snack crackers. This same flavor combination has already been a big hit for a while when it comes to sauces, marinades, and glazes for fish products and meat, so the transition into the snack food aisle was pretty natural.


Mango, in addition to flavors such as pineapple, which can be recreated in a dish with Advanced Biotech’s Natural Butyl Butyrate, are also being used alongside flavor ingredients with pepper, onion, and garlic flavors to create a host of products. The sweetness of these fruity flavors can quickly bring the feel of a tropical paradise right into buyers’ own homes. In addition to these types of products, tropical flavors can also be found in drink mixes, flavored alcohol products such as vodka and rum, and many other places. There are many ways to make use of tropical flavors in the creation of new products, and they can be a great way to put a spin on a classic flavor, whether it’s pizza or a frozen fish dish.