Fall 2021 Fragrance Trends

2020 was without a doubt an unprecedented time, greatly shaping the way that consumes think about and shop for fragrances. This fall season, many are considering concepts like mental health, self-care, and emotional healing and are looking for fragrances that embody these ideas. Uplifting and comforting scents from natural sources will surge in popularity this year as global sentiments following the pandemic continue to influence buying habits. According to Insider, fragrance sales have been soaring since last August, and jumped 45% in the first quarter. Join us as we at Advanced Biotech explore some of the top fragrance trends in the second half of 2021 and opportunities for brands and perfumists to succeed in today’s market.



                Increased consumer consciousness and social awareness has created a demand for ethically sourced, transparent, and purposeful fragrances. Scents and products that are responsibly sourced, fair trade, and have claims like vegan and cruelty-free will be of interest this year. In line with this, fragrances that have a balance of both synthetic and natural scents such as woody, earthy, and warm notes will be popular choices this fall season. Fir, balsam, brown sugar, and sandalwood are scents we believe will embody this sense of social consciousness and increased interest in clean-label clams.



                2020 was a time in which consumers found connection and unity through online activity and social media greatly influenced buying trends. This year consumers are looking to disconnect and rediscover their individuality, creating their own unique trends as they re-enter the offline world. We predict that sophisticated, cool, edgy, and uncommon scents will be popular among those looking to break away from the crowd and show off their own style as the world begins to reopen. Black pepper, lavender, cypress, and hemp are fragrance we follow this trend and will be flying off shelves this fall.



                Now more than ever consumers are embracing self-care and the concept of “me time”.  Scents that create a calming, spa-like atmosphere such as cucumber, lavender, and eucalyptus are classic fragrances that will continue to be popular in perfumes, candles, and diffusers. Scents that promote rest, happiness, and a playful environment such as orange blossom, red berry, juicy grapefruit, and lime will also be popular among consumers for the remainder of the year.


Wellness, transparency, and individualism are three trends we believe will be shaping consumer sentiment this fall when it comes to purchasing and using fragrances. Scents inspired by nature that promote these concepts are sure to succeed as consumer sentiments continues to shift.