Our Favorite Flavors for Chocolate Truffles

One of the greatest things about truffle style confectionary treats (besides the fact that they are delicious) is that they are available in so many incredible varieties. At the most fundamental level, there are all the standard types of confectionary flavors to choose from – chocolate, caramel, and an incredibly broad range of delicious fruits. However, there are also a number of brand new truffle flavors available, including many that seek to replicate some of the most popular dessert flavors on the market.


The numerous fruit flavors that are available when it comes to truffles are truly extraordinary. Among the classics are options such as strawberry. Flavor ingredients, such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Strawberry Furanone, are perfect for the recreation of a fresh strawberry flavor in these confectionary treats. However, just as popular are the other berry flavors, such as blackberry and blueberry, as well as fruits such as cherry. Even apple and pear have recently begun to rise in popularity in these types of confectionary sweets.


More complex flavors, such as those that recreate popular desserts such as pumpkin pie, s’mores, or chocolate chip cookies, usually require an incredible number of flavor ingredients to get just the right flavor. Buttery notes are perfect for those that have a baked flavor, while natural flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Mesifuran 20% PG can recreate the delicious burnt sugar flavor of a crème brulee flavor. Components such a Natural Cinnamic Acid for cinnamon may also be used to round out these overall flavors and to help finish them off.


Creating the perfect flavor for a truffle can be an amazingly difficult process. However, in the incredibly competitive confectionary industry, innovation is also necessary for keeping up – and even launching – some of the latest trends.