New Innovations in Charcuterie Boards

Meat and cheese are no longer the main focus of last year’s biggest trend: the charcuterie board. We at Advanced Biotech predict that this year grazing boards will reach a new level of popularity with new and innovative themes, visuals, and flavors. From pancakes to sour gummies, desserts to hot dogs and French fries – creative home cooks, influencers, and chefs are transforming charcuterie boards to adapt to developing trends and demands for new and exciting flavors. Join us as we explore the flavors that are transforming charcuterie boards and what consumers can look forward to snacking on at their next happy hour.



                Move over brie and prosciutto, sweet confections are now the subject of interest in many trendy charcuterie boards. Fresh fruit like berries, grapes, and bananas are perfectly paired with chocolates and nut butters and garnished with dried coconut and roasted nuts for a light but satisfying substitute for traditional desserts. Chocolate covered pretzels, cookies, and caramel dips are poplar additions to these confection-centric plates, as consumers enjoy the ability to mix and match flavors and try a bit of everything the board has to offer.



                Nostalgia has become a popular buzzword lately as many consumers find comfort in familiar flavors and childhood treats. Charcuterie boards featuring warm and fuzzy favorites like sweet and salty peanut butter and jelly, trail mix, and even ants on a log evoke simpler times and classic flavor combinations.  S’mores snack plates featuring graham crackers, various types of marshmallows, and chocolates are the perfect solution for those consumers who want the nostalgic s’mores taste without the hassle of a campfire, while boards featuring junk-food favorites like gummy bears, pre-packaged brownies, and colorful candies are perfect for a blast from the past.



                While savory charcuterie boards are nothing new, the focus of new and trendy platters are sure to surprise guests. Hot dogs, hamburgers sliders, and sausages with trimmings like relish, mustard, jalapenos, and other toppings make for a unique and delicious addition to any game day get together or outdoor barbecue.  Vegan versions of savory charcuterie boards are also popular with treats like fresh vegetables, briny olives, vegan cheese, and crunchy pecans and walnuts make for a healthy and cruelty-free alternative to traditional boards. The addition of herbs, spices, and fresh botanicals make the perfect addition to savory boards, offering natural flavor enhancement and added health benefits.


No matter what the occasion, these new trends in charcuterie boards are sure to fit the tastes and diets of all consumers.