Frozen Desserts: The Popsicle Flavors that will Rule this Summer

What would glorious warm summer days be without the cooling, juicy sweetness of the perennial popsicle? Over two billion of these frozen treats are consumed annually, with cherry the favorite flavor.
A December 2020 survey from GlobalData reported that a growing number of consumers are looking for environmentally and socially responsible brands. In addition, the pandemic and an emerging consciousness among consumers have left the population more concerned than ever about their own health and the well-being of the planet and all its inhabitants. So, choosing healthier frozen desserts, ethical, sugar-free, gluten-free, and plant-based, is increasingly preferred and likely.
As a result, some additional innovative options are coming the consumers’ way this summer.
Earth-Friendly Enjoyment
Healthier and kinder popsicle brands add dairy-free vegan and low-calorie variants to their portfolio. These ‘cleaner’ products include more fresh fruit, natural sweeteners, and only pure and natural flavorings, aromas, and colorings. In addition, some are using organic fruit juice and adding beneficial prebiotic fiber and immunity-boosting vitamin C. These mindful options help the consumer indulge while staying healthy and helping reduce their carbon footprint.
However, doing less harm doesn’t mean being less exciting. Options from GoodPop, Chloe’s, and Noto include enticing flavors such as Strawberry Shortcake, Cookies, Cream Dreamy Orange Push Pops, and the exotic Coldbrew Latte. Also on shelves are consumers’ favorite and nostalgic childhood flavors in gluten and dairy-free options.
Out-of-the-Box Uniqueness
New wave popsicles are definitely not dull. Innovations include fruit-flavored sorbet fruit-shaped popsicles, offering nutritious apple, banana, mango, raspberry, and pineapple delights. Another creative offering includes frozen desserts for your consumer and their pampered pets, including tempting Mexican Chocolate, Mighty Mojito, and Raspberry Hibiscus for the humans and mouthwatering chicken stock and frozen beef for their canines.
Functional Frozen Treats
These popsicles offer a healthy diversion and more, providing additional benefits to boost wellbeing. Picture enjoying daily vitamin supplements and electrolytes on a stick or supporting more beautiful skin with a YouTheory’s collagen-infused popsicle? Consumers can also cool down while helping enhance their temperament with The Enlightened’s vegan and natural adaptogen and herb popsicles. These tasty mood boosters offer invigorating sage, lemon balm, and green tea extract in options such as Strawberry for chilling and Coconut for immunity.
Popsicles With a Buzz
Also trending is alcohol-based frozen treats. Enthusiasts can look forward to receiving a boozy popsicle as part of their favorite cocktail or grab a vegan sorbet Buzz Pop or Drake’s Organic Spiked Iced Pops from the frozen section. These all-natural push-pops are available in delicious flavors with organic liqueur for coolth with a vibey kick. Consumers can choose from Mojitos, Chocolate Raspberry, Watermelon Martini, Vodka Lemonade, etc.
Summer Surprises
While users traditionally associate popsicles with fun, fruity flavors, they may be in for some unexpected alternatives. This summer, salty, spicy, or hot is in. Popsicle lovers can prepare to try unconventional flavor profiles and pairings such as Van-Holten’s salt and pickle ice pops and Outshine’s Mango with Tajin.
Most crucially, the season’s flavors must focus on being natural and authentic. So, as a manufacturer, ensure you use pure, certified natural liquid distillates, perfect for fluid-based products such as popsicles and other frozen desserts. In these refined distillates form, flavoring is more efficient, yielding a superior product. In addition, the flavor molecules provide a complex, full flavor profile, often more robust than the source, and extracted using approved and cutting-edge technology.
Advanced Biotech’s range offers premium quality, regulated distillates and extracts. These ingredients include cherry, espresso, chili pepper, raspberry, mesquite, chicken, rum, and even popcorn alcohol, to keep you ahead of the latest flavor curve. Please contact us for more information.