Grilled Flavors for the Summer

How far are you traveling this summer? Many consumers may find that backyard barbecues may be the center of the new stay-cation. This year, grilling outdoors may be more popular than when the Weber grill came into existence in the early 1950s. People will look for more creative flavors to enhance their meats, chicken, fish, and vegetables.


Adding Pizzazz to the Tried and True


Today’s health-conscious consumer is turning away from added and artificial sweeteners, opening the door for alternatives to traditional sweet barbecue sauces. Our natural smoke flavors enhance a meal with odors of mesquite and hickory. Natural alternatives to sugar combine classic barbecue sauces with healthier ingredients.


What is more traditional than enjoying hot dogs on a hot summer day or around the campfire under the stars? The sophisticated consumers may choose chicken and apple sausages with mustards using honey and spice flavors. With so much variety in tastes, people who don’t favor change may not be able to resist the sweet, new smells of summer.


International Influence


Since consumers may curtail flying overseas this summer, why not bring exotic flavors from far away places to the outdoor grills? Japanese, Korean, and Indian cuisines grew acceptance on menus across the country over the last years, and with this trend are new ways to incorporate such popular flavors as curry and mango into the traditional chicken sauces. Korean BBQ burgers are making a splash amongst the younger generation. Pineapple is exploding in popularity in Asian dishes with pork and chicken entrees. Who would have thought that grandpa would be fanning the flames with ginger barbecue sauce?


A Healthy Direction


Consumers continue to demand healthy alternatives, whether they are cooking in the kitchen or outside under the sun. While just a small percentage of people are vegan, advertising vegan sauces appeal to those who want to tiptoe into the craze. Vegetarians look for sauces for grilled vegetables. A cashew dip is a diary-free option and appeals to those who wish to avoid cream-based dips. Introducing keto-friendly and paleo-friendly options offer consumers more choices for nutritional menus.


Today’s interest in flavors and tastes offers the industry ample opportunities to test new markets and invite consumers to try alternatives without making a huge commitment. Sauces for grilling can be sweet, sour, exotic, or smoky. Consumers may be more open than ever, especially with more time at home to experiment with cooking.