The Growing Popularity of Lemon Flavors

Lemon has been one of the world’s most popular flavors for centuries, so saying that it’s making a comeback might seem a little bit strange – after all, it never went anywhere! But with that being said, lemon is still predicted to become one of the bigger flavor trends over the next few years, not only in the summer months, but into the winter and holiday season as well.


While lemon has always been a popular component of many different sauces and marinades, flavorists are finding even more great ways to make use of lemon in their creations. Lemon mixes well with numerous green, vegetable, and herbal flavors, and can be an important component of delicious cream sauces as well. With flavor ingredients such as Advanced Biotech’s Natural Citronellal, it is easy to add lemon to virtually any product, whether it is a ready-made sauce or a powdered sauce mix for one of your speed scratch favorites.


Beverages are also popular when it comes to delicious lemon flavors. Of course, lemonade has always been a big hit, but lemon is showing up in other types of beverages as well, often in combination with other delicious flavors. Blackberry and lemon is just one example of a delicious flavor that mixes well to create something simultaneously classic and refreshingly new. Lemon also works well in natural soda drinks, as a flavor addition to ordinary types of sodas and beverages (from black and green teas to cola) and much more.


Whether you intend to use lemon to create delicious cookies, frostings for your favorites cakes, or to create a delicious sauce or sauce mix for grilling during the summer, there are plenty of options available. Buyers will continue to seek out lemon flavored food products this year, for both it’s refreshing flavor and classic appeal.