Hair Perfume That Provides Fragrance and Protects

Most shampoos contain fragrances that cling to the hair for hours after washing, leaving a pleasant aroma in our wake. However, the smell of freshly washed hair doesn’t last forever. Soon, the strands collect smells from the immediate environment and lose their clean scent. Recently, consumers have taken to spritzing perfume on their hair between washes to keep it smelling fresh.
While this is fine occasionally, using perfume on your hair daily may do more damage than good. That’s where specially formulated hair perfume comes in.
How Perfume Damages Your Hair
You shouldn’t use perfume on your hair too often because of its drying effect. Perfume contains ethyl alcohol, which acts as a solvent to dissolve and disperse the fragrance molecules evenly throughout the liquid. Using alcohol on your scalp regularly can lead to dryness, flaking, and irritation over time.
The strands themselves may also be affected, especially if your hair is brittle and prone to breakage. The alcohol in the perfume counters your natural oils, upping the frizz and reducing the shine.
The Benefits of Using Perfume Specifically Formulated for Hair
People who want to fragrance their locks daily may benefit from a hair perfume formulated with less alcohol. Many hair fragrances also contain functional ingredients that nourish the hair while scenting it, for example:

  • Glycerin – a humectant that draws moisture into the hair, helping it retain softness and shine in dry conditions. This ingredient combats the drying effects of alcohol in hair mists.
  • Biotin – another name for vitamin B7. This ingredient has been shown to help reduce hair loss, as it stimulates keratin production.
  • Octinoxate – a UV filter that protects the hair from sun damage. Other UV filters to look for in hair perfumes include avobenzone and homosalate.
  • Argan oil – moisturizes the scalp and strands, reducing breakage that makes hair look thin and brittle. It also contains fatty acids and nutrients that promote a healthy scalp.

Another reason to use hair perfume over regular perfume is to preserve hair texture. Some oil-based perfumes can weigh down finer hair, killing the volume and making it look flat. Others may add a sticky residue or make the ends crunchy and dry. Hair perfume is typically much lighter and easier to brush through.
Hair Perfume in Fragrance Layering
Fragrance layering means wearing more than one scented product simultaneously. Some people use it to craft custom scents for different occasions or based on their mood. Hair perfume makes an excellent final layer for a stratified scent, complementing the fragrance you wear on your skin.
The general rule of perfume layering is to apply heavier fragrances first and finish with lighter ones. Therefore, hair perfume should always be the last step.
Choosing a hair fragrance in the same scent family as your main perfume will strengthen its aroma. Experimenting with contrasting scents can also pay off if you’re after a unique fragrance profile that can’t be bought.
Crafting Hair Perfume With Natural Aromatics
There’s a considerable debate over natural vs synthetic ingredients in the fragrance world. Today, many consumers demand clean-label cosmetics with familiar, all-natural ingredients that don’t harm people or the planet, and this sentiment extends to perfume.
Natural aromatics or essential oils can help brands produce hair perfume lines that appeal to health- and eco-conscious shoppers. Most of these ingredients come from plants, a must for vegan-friendly fragrances.
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