Happy Halloween! A Look at Our Favorite Spooky Halloween Candies

Candy is a year-round affair, and while there are some sweet treats that are universally popular from Valentine’s Day to Christmas, there are certain types of candy that come into their own on special occasions. That’s especially true when it comes to Halloween candy. While virtually every type of candy makes an appearance in the Halloween season, there are some types of candy flavors that stand out from the rest. These include classics as well as brand new candy concoctions that have taken the flavor world by storm.


One of the most popular and ever-present of Halloween candy flavors is candy corn. While standard candy corn is not as popular as a flavor as it once was, there are numerous different candy corn variations available, which has boosted the popularity of this ubiquitous Halloween treat over the past several years. From the standard sweet flavor of candy corn to tropical fruit punch, citrus flavors, and even pumpkin, there are many different ways to enjoy candy corn in the Halloween season.


And speaking of pumpkin, let’s not forget just how popular pumpkin flavored candies of all types have become during the fall season, in general, Halloween of course included. From hard candies to chocolates and marshmallow treats, pumpkin flavors can be used in a number of different ways. Creating the perfect pumpkin flavor can be a challenge, of course, because of the range of spices required to get it just right. Cinnamon, clove, and vanilla are just a few of the flavor notes required to create the perfect pumpkin flavor.


But you don’t just have to stick to seasonal treats when crafting delicious Halloween candy. This time of year, sweet treats are all about experimentation, whether you’re looking to play around with different fruit flavors or you’re looking to craft delicious dessert flavors such as cake flavored chocolates, candied apple flavored treats, or anything else that inspires the imagination. Every year, it seems that a range of delicious new flavors hit store shelves.


One of the things to keep in mind is that Halloween candy flavors are all about novelty. While Halloween candies run the gamut from fun and festive to sophisticated and utterly delicious, one thing that all the season’s candies have in common is how much room there is for exploration. That means that flavorists have plenty of room for fun when it comes to crafting the perfect Halloween candy concoctions.