Healthy Human Ingredients for Pets

While it’s never recommended to feed pets table scraps or processed foods meant for human consumption, there are certain natural human ingredients that work wonders for our furry friends, too! Natural, whole ingredients provide many benefits to man’s best friend and feline alike, and can easily be incorporated into their daily diets for maximum results. In our latest blog post, we at Advanced Biotech explore the natural ingredients that are fit for both man and beast.



            Carrots are a crisp, crunchy, and satisfying snack for both humans and pets. Rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, carrots benefit pets’ eyesight just as they would for humans, and can also boost the immune system and improve the skin and coat. The texture of carrots also work well to remove plaque from dogs’ teeth, and make for an ideal, daily addition to a dog’s diet or as a reward because they are low in both fat and calories. While suitable to eat raw, carrots can also be slightly boiled and diced to make consumption and digestion easier for smaller pets such as cats.



            All the rage in the health world, coconut oil is a versatile ingredient with many natural health benefits for humans and animals alike. High in lauric acid, coconut oil is naturally anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, and can work to fight common viruses and infections such as ringworm Giardia, and can even relieve joint pain for older pets suffering from arthritis. Anti-oxidants in coconut oil which can also boost pets’ immune systems, and can also improve the texture and appearance of their coats and skin. Completely non-toxic to dogs and cats, it is recommended that owners add a small amount to their pets’ food daily to optimize the health benefits for long-term effects.



            Naturally sweet and delicious, humans and pets alike can enjoy the flavor and health benefits of berries. Only berries without large pits like strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are safe to feed pets in order to prevent choking hazards, and in small amounts as they contain a high amount of sugar. Rich in antioxidants, berries have the same anti-aging purposes for pets as they do for humans. While they cannot stop the aging process, they can slow it down and protect pets’ joints and skin against harmful free-radicals, making sure that they do not age too rapidly or suffer from excessive joint pain. The vitamin C contained in berries can also work to boost the immune system of pets and has a surprisingly calming effect on dogs. According to certain studies, when a dog is stressed it expels a large amount of vitamin C, so stocking your pet up on berries could help rebuild these stores and restore serenity to your pooch.


There are many fresh, natural ingredients both pets and their owners can enjoy to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve overall wellness. When eaten daily, these ingredients can ensure that consumers’ beloved pets can live a long and healthy life.