How Robotic Kitchen Assistants are Revolutionizing Restaurants

Food service is a multi-billion dollar industry in the US and worldwide, and the demand is only growing. Busy lifestyles call for convenience, which is excellent for restaurants, cafes, and fast-food chains. However, the industry has faced many challenges over the past few years, and it may need to innovate by refreshing outdated systems to keep up with the changing market.
Meet the Food Service Robots From Miso Robotics
Miso Robotics is an American technology company that offers robots as a service – helping restaurant owners revolutionize their kitchens without high capital investment. The company won Hackathon’s Startup of the Year award in 2021 and has since had many successful funding rounds, leading to its release of five patented robotic kitchen assistants.
Flippy 2
Flippy 2 is a robotic fry-cook that can make French fries, onion rings, tortilla chips, wings, and other deep-fried foods at the touch of a button. It’s the second iteration of Miso’s innovative Flippy design, with a smaller footprint and improved hardware and software for a more efficient kitchen. Plus, it uses AI to auto-recognize different foods and adjust the frying time accordingly.
The company also makes Flippy Lite, a more compact version of Flippy 2. The modular Flippy designs allow for flexible setup so restaurant owners can use different configurations depending on their available space.
Miso developed this kitchen robot in partnership with Lancer Worldwide to fulfill drinks orders at quick-service restaurants faster than kitchen employees. Sippy integrates with the restaurant’s point of sale so the machine can prepare drinks when a staff member enters the order. It features a spill-proof conveyor belt for cups of different sizes and dispenses ice and liquids in precise quantities.
Plus, Sippy closes cups with airtight seals instead of conventional plastic lids. This approach reduces the amount of single-use plastics in the restaurant industry, bringing businesses closer to their sustainability goals.
CookRight Coffee
CookRight is a coffee monitoring system powered by artificial intelligence. This machine monitors the temperature and volume of coffee urns, using predictive analytics to alert staff before the coffee cools down or runs out. It can also give cafe owners sales metrics and other insights to help them make more data-driven business decisions.
Miso Robotics designed CookRight Coffee to help baristas and kitchen staff focus more on customer service and less on checking stock and refilling urns.
Why We Need Automation in The Restaurant Industry
The food service industry faced severe labor shortages after the pandemic, and a recent survey1 uncovered that 60% of food service establishments believe they are understaffed. More chefs, waitstaff, and other restaurant employees are quitting the food service business than ever before. Automating the industry with robotics can ease the short-staffing burden.
Robots can help restaurants produce higher volumes of food in less time, boosting business and helping them keep up with the growing demand for convenience. They are a more cost-effective labor option amidst rising inflation and can free up enough cash to keep current employees well-paid.
Robotics can also make the kitchen a safer and more pleasant working environment. Miso’s robotic innovations work with hot oil and beverages, so staff don’t have to handle them.
Flavorings for Kitchens of the Future
Updating your back-of-house workflows with robotics and AI is only the first step towards a more efficient future. Incorporating innovative ingredients, such as our RXTechnology flavors, extracts, and aromatics, into your recipes can help you create more flavorful food in your tech-forward kitchen.
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