Indian Flavors Experience Growth

Lately, consumers have two common goals when it comes to their food choices: improving their health and keeping things interesting. As such, they have been discovering more of the food combinations and dishes native to the various regions of India, seeking authentic flavor experiences and learning more about Ayurveda. Indian dishes and products are becoming more widely available in American foodservice and retail. Traditional Indian flavors are appearing on modern menus and retail shelves, from regionally-inspired dishes to chocolate spreads and much more.


One reason for the increase is that travel to India is becoming easier all the time as multiple airlines explore direct routes to the area. That means more travel to India and more interest in the local cuisine. Indeed, Indian dishes have become 20% more common on restaurant menus, meaning that consumers are being exposed to more Indian fare everywhere they turn.


The creation of products and restaurants that showcase regional flavors is shaping consumers’ expectations of international foods. For example, dishes from specific regions have emerged in the past few years, from Sichuan Chinese food to Roman-style pizza. This trend is just beginning to play out in Indian cuisine, offering a huge opportunity to create products and dishes that incorporate the regional specialties of the area. One such example is the growing popularity of Keralan food. Known as the “land of spices,” Kerala is famous for its flavorful fare. This cuisine also includes both vegetarian and meat-based dishes, meaning that there’s something for everyone.


Throughout India, one place the diversity of food is evident is in a region’s bread of choice. For instance, in the north, you’ll find wheat products such as naan, roti, deep-fried poori, and paratha; go south and discover more rice-based options such as fried appam and crepe-like dosas. Playing with different bread styles can give you many new ways to include Indian influence into old classics such as sandwiches and appetizers.


One thing is for sure: consumers are more interested than ever in learning more about regional cuisines, a trend that means it’s the right time to experiment with Indian flavors. As more and more people seek to expand their food experiences, flavor companies, restaurants, and other flavor- and aroma-based businesses have a unique opportunity to offer new and exclusive products. With natural flavor ingredients such as coriander extract natural, turmeric extract organic, and cayenne pepper extract organic, we can help you create the delicious Indian flavors you want in your newest products.